Nordic Hamster is a musical tour de force that flows cohesively between genres such as progressive metal, djent and deathcore-type blast beats.  Nordic Hamster is way more than just flashy string action.  The duo delivers hook after hook, melody after melody, all in between beautifully crafted blistering guitars solos.

Hailing out of Central Florida, Nordic Hamster is made up of two Cody’s (Cody Nordine & Cody Hamilton) who have decided to do music for the love of it.  These longtime friends got together on the premise of playing music, having fun with friends, and serving the fans of metal.




"This work bring vibracy and energy instrumental metal genre while cohesively flowing between genres like progressive metal, djent and deathcore-type blast beats"

Jessica Marinho - Headbangers News

"Nordic Hamster brings a fresh injection of energy with their blistering, thrashing and utterly unique take on instrumental metal in their EP Nordic Hamster. Each track has a completely different feeling as they merge metal styles with ominous vibes and stories told through the guitars"

"Don't expect to find anything here that makes you compare with any other band you've heard because, in addition to being excellent instrumentalists, Nordic Hamster also has a very important factor that hasn't been seen in many bands lately: personality"

Gleison Junior - Roadie Music